Communities of Chadwick Condominium Association, Inc.

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The Communities of Chadwick has a good reputation as being a safe community. Our FWPD Neighborhood Liaison Officer is Scott Lewis, working third shift. You can leave a message for him at (260) 224-9672. Officer Lewis gives the board regular updates as to problems that may be happening in our area. Please check the website on a regular basis.

Current problems include vehicles being broken into on the street and in your driveways. Please make sure you are locked up and not leave valuables inside.


Parking Violations

We have parking patrol monitoring on a regular basis and we have limited the parking problem greatly. From issuing 10-15 tickets a month to currently 1-3 per month. a reminder to your visitors, they must park in your driveway or on the city street. The violators license are recorded and repeats are subject to tow at the owner's expense. We thank everyone for helping with this difficult task.


Sex or Violent Offender Registry

If you have internet access you can sign up for FREE email alerts. Many types of searches can be done.  You can search an adjustable radius of any address, by specific offender name, or see the whole offender list.  Be sure to check the boxes for work and school addresses too, as they are not checked by default, and will not be shown unless you check the boxes. Please encourage all of your family and friends to sign up for the Email alerts.  It’s FREE. Once registered, you will receive an automated email anytime any offender moves within one mile of the physical address they want to watch.  You can register as many Indiana addresses as you want; like your own, as well as parents, children, brothers or sisters, etc.  They do not have to be in Allen County.

Allen Co Sex or Violent Offender Registry:

*This link goes to the Indiana general portal, and will link to each Indiana county:

See or Hear Problems

We all need to be good neighbors, so if you see or hear anything suspicious, your FIRST response is to call 911. Then a followup during business hours, please report your action to our Management Company with the details. The Board and Management have legal procedures that must be followed, if violations continue after notification. It is important that repeated violations have a paper trail from the homeowner, if legal action is needed.

All homeowners who live in the community or rent their property are responsible to uphold the covenants of our community. At times renters are not told the rules, so it is important owners give a copy of the Chadwick handbook available to print found under Covenants. Everyone on occasion, should review rules and regulations for living in the Community.


Community Appearance

The Board and Management appreciate ALL of our fine homeowners who help keep our community looking beautiful. Our goal always is to keep the property looking sharp and as clean as possible. In this economy, it is imperative to keep our property value as high as possible.



Remember when walking your pets you much have them leashed and pick up all waste. Pets cannot be tethered outside your home, only let out to do "their business".


Keep Community Secure

All ranches have photo-cells on both sides of the garage. Please make sure you check bulbs so lights work properly. Also the police and our security request that you also keep your back light on. There have been break-ins around our area and we have had very little problems and it's a fact lights prevent problems.